We help companies, organisations, and partnerships do Smart City and IoT use cases in practice. We help increase coherence in digital projects adjusted to your unique digital journey, culture and specific needs and increase your overall future digital strategic and business capabilities.


AKiLAY offer a tool and guide to help organisation and partners to move from an idea about a smart city and IoT use case and to a specific scalable solution that supports strategic and daily needs.

The tool introduces a simple and new working methods to help collaborate and communicate about smart city and IoT use cases. The tool creates value by helping to build and reuse standards, that is shared, contribute to new learnings, and can be scaled across department or organisations.

The tool reduces risk, increases open innovation, sharing of knowledge and better use of resources.


Develop a tool to guide IoT use cases

AKiLAY develop and adapt a IoT tool and guide to your organisation and culture. We help to use the tool in practice in a use case. We identify relevant activities, best practice or knowledge needed to increase e.g. collaboration and communication about new digital value propositions together with other external partners and recommend need for change to reap the benefits of digital IoT solutions.

Coherence in digital business and projects

AKiLAY identifies digital components and coherence to key business objectives, processes and roles in departments or partnerships. AKiLAY recommend action plan and activities to initiate new ways of collaborating and communicating that strengthen coherence and development of a better digital foundation to executed on business objectives. AKiLAY helps to find relevant tools and learning activities adapted to the daily work, which reduces the complexity and risks of digital projects and increases benefits.

We like co-creation & knowledge

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I am passionate about digital transformation and for decades I have actively contributed to digital solutions to improve the lives of humans living in cities.


I enjoy helping clients and partners manage smart city and IoT challenges, increase digital transformation knowledge, and improve digital capabilities for today and tomorrow.


I combine many years of practical experience about digital initiatives at International (OECD and EU), national (Denmark), regional (Greater Copenhagen), and local level (local digital partner projects) with theoretical and evidence-based knowledge and methods from my studies of digital management.


IoT Use Case Process Tool

A project for 17 Copenhagen region cities

“AKiLAY has been given the task to develop a process tool for the Dynamic Data Community (F2D2). The desire was to get a tool that we can use in case development to ensure that we take a stand on all the necessary steps in a development process that starts with an idea and ends with implementation and a potential scaling phase. AKiLAY has contributed with insights into the smart city work and the common public digital architecture and has used this knowledge to translate the Community's wishes for a more structured process into a usable tool that is now put into play. The dialogue between the Dynamic Data Community and AKiLAY has been characterized by a constructive approach and mutual respect.”

Lise Søderberg,

Senior project manager, Gate 21


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5G connectivity best practic for automation of city operations

A project for Greater Copenhagen cities

"AKiLAY has helped us study European best practice on the deployment of 5G network. With a sharp eye, AKiLAY has in a short time expanded our horizons of partnership and innovation within the future mobile network."


Karolina Huss,

Senior project manager, Gate 21

5G Best Practice Summary (pdf)


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